• I’m not prone to praise indiscriminately. But the quality of both granite and the job itself was truly remarkable so I have to give the whole service top marks.

  • Quality of countertop materials and installation is remarkable. I can truly say it was money well spent.

  • Staff was very friendly and helpful. They answered all of my questions regarding different types of stone countertops and showed me plenty of samples.

  • I was really impressed, how quickly they installed new countertops in my bathroom. And everything was very thorough, mind you.

  • That was the most efficient countertop installation I’ve seen (and I’ve seen several of them).

  • I love how the installation of kitchen countertops completely changed the look of my kitchen. Now it’s so elegant.

  • I’ve never thought it possible to find cheap granite countertops in Chicago. And here they are, adorning my kitchen.

  • Those bathroom countertops made perfect finishing touch for my place. Now it feels like a spa.

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